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The Manufacturing

The Cellulose’s Acétate, our raw material is 100% made By Decoracet – Modot in Oyonnax (France).


This is the last French company which is knowing how to make Cellulose Acetate by warm sticking.


The Manufacturing

Our Dream

Au Silmo, sur ce site ou en demandant le passage d’un ambassadeur Frod’s Lunetterie


Our Dream


The traceability is for us egal of transparency




Made in France

Le haut de gamme made in France enfin accessible


Made in France

Plus de 500 opticiens

Nous ont rejoint, en savoir plus


Plus de 500 opticiens

Made In France

Made In France
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Fabricant Français Frod's Matériaux et fabrication européennes



Frod's Lunetterie aims to illustrate the French way of life.

This collection is designed for women and men who care about their appearance and want to indulge themselves while keeping their costs under control without renouncing quality.

Before Frod’s Lunetterie, this was impossible.

Quite simply, you are our inspiration.


the Traceability

For us, traceability is a synonym of transparency.

With all the appellations that exist, you no longer know where your glasses come from.

Not to mention where they are manufactured, or the origins of the raw materials.

Consider for example Made in France, many think that this means that they are 100% made in France. When in fact, they are often only assembled in France.

The label Guaranteed French Origin, created in 2011, requires that frame fronts are manufactured in France. While the temples can come from elsewhere, assembly must be performed in France. To obtain this label from Véritas, at least 50% of the added value of the product must be acquired in France.

All our models have obtained the Guaranteed French Origin label. And our value-added rate is at least 88%. One of the best in the industry.

To obtain this rate, our cellulose acetate is manufactured in France.

100% of our supplies are European.



Look at our materials and our suppliers

The Manufacturing

We wanted the best for Frod’s Lunetterie collection.

French manufacturers have exceptional know-how.

Did you know that the French eye-wear industry is a worldwide reference? And that many designers and luxury brands manufacture their frames in France?

In order to fully optimise the quality of our frames we decided to produce our cellulose acetate in France.

Did you know that the cellulose acetate is the "Rolls Royce" of plastic? But it is also a "green" material? Cellulose acetate powder is obtained from cotton fibrils and alcohol.

With our partners, we have implemented a colourisation concept based on food dyes. In addition, our cellulose acetate plates are obtained by friction and heat bonding without adding any solvents. Each colour is therefore unique.

Our partners were selected solely on their recognition in terms of skills. They are among the elite.

Frod’s Lunetterie is committed to making no compromises on quality.



Look at our materials and our suppliers


Who are we ?


Frod’s Lunetterie brings together a group of opticians and designers passionate about eyewear.

We want to defend and promote French eyewear.


Florent ROBAUT is the initiator of this campaign and an optician himself, as well as a distributor of premium collections in France. His market analysis, knowledge of opticians' needs and expectations of consumers (in terms of price and design) have lead to the creation of Frod’s Lunetterie.


In 2011, we had a dream: "Manufacture frames using the best French quality but at the same rates as Asian mid-range products".

We no longer want to hear that a French quality product cannot be at the same price as a product coming from the other side of the world.


Frod’s Lunetterie has succeeded in creating an eco-citizen concept around a new business model, whose manufacture has obtained a Origine France Garantie label (the Holy Grail of Made in France), coupled with both an innovative and trendy design.



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